Can't drag mp3-files to Live 8.2.1 (Suite) on my 2nd authorized computer

Hi, I just successfully authorised Live 8.2.1 (Suite) on my laptop (after having authorised it successfully on my iMac) but now on my laptop, Live won't let me drag mp3-files to my Live session. Please advise! Best/Jakob


Hvistendahl 6 years ago | 1 comment

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  • yaqwsxcde
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    Could be it is quicktime. Had crashes when dragging mp3 to live, followed with not being able to install Quicktime new. Then live 8 refused to start at all.

    Fehlermeldungen ähnlich wie:
    QT muss installiert sein.
    Bitte zuerst QT installieren.
    Apple Application Support installieren usw.

    Schwerwiegender Fehler ... wird geschlossen

    Tried to reinstall QT. Prompt: Install apple application support. Promt: Apple mobile device helper needs apple application support. But it was not possible to install that.

    Apple application support seems to be a part of itunes.

    Wiederherstellung mit Acronis True Image, Neuinstall MB-Treiber, Live, QT, ITunes hat nichts gebracht!

    Registered VisualBasic in the registry like so:

    So installed itunes. -Deinstalled- everything again like adviced at apple supportpage ( Win7, XP).

    Checked every file if deletet komplete ...

    Then cleaned the registy from every key like C:\Programme\Apple...   oder C:\Prog\Gemeinsame Dateien (common files)...  oder C:\DokumenteXX\user\Anwendungsdaten (App data) (don't do so, if you do not want to risk complete failure of pc).

    Then installed itunes, because it contains the Apple Application Support driver (and QT).

    Now it works again. Live starts and i can drag my mp3 to any slot. It was not necessary to manipulate the mp3s.

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  • Carlosnik
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    Hello, how are you. This is not a problem regarding authorizations or Live license. This is something regarding your Mp3 files and the ID3 ( Name - Artist - Album - Picture Album, etc.)

    Ableton Live has not solved yet this problem with the newer version of ID Tags.

    Please, check if your files had been loaded up into a program like Traktor, Quicktime, iTunes or any other thar it could change your ID tags from your music library.

    To solve this, those files have to meet the ID1 version compability, or not Album Cover inside.

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