can't browse Places through Push 2 - is that normal ?

Hi people,


i'm a new user of Push 2, i've watched a couple of videos and read some topics about that but i can't find the answer to my question.

I'd like to locate samples i have on an external harddrive, and i can't find the way to make it possible.

In Places in Ableton, i have 20 folders, to locate these samples which are on the external hard drive.

When i select on push 2 an audio track, then clic Browse, there are only 3 folders inside the User Files folder, and they are all showing effects, not samples... i don't really understand.

can you confirm it's possible to lead .wav with Push 2 and browsing a special folder inside your hard drive which is not inside user folder ?


thank you


FloreMusic 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Hespy1990
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    "Can I load samples from Push 2?

    Yes, samples can be loaded via the Push 2 browser. When loading a sample from Push, a Simpler device will be loaded with the sample. 

    Can I load audio Clips from Push 2?

    At the moment, it is not possible to load audio Clips or samples into audio tracks."


    Audio samples have to be loaded as midi (counter intuitive I know) to open in a simpler.

    Unfortunately around 70% of my workflow is stretching warping and editing the envelops of audio tracks to fit into my mix.

    Although you can warp and loop in the simpler. sometimes it just doesn't cut the mustard for instance when its a perfect loop but one drum is out. the slicing tool in simpler is brilliant but sometimes you need to stretch the transients slightly. The new simpler is awesome and its opened up loads of possibilities but I'm betting a lot of other new push users are feeling very miffed that not every integral process of making a beat with abelton can be done without using the mouse and keyboard. I certainly am I've only had the push for 1 day. seriously hope this is addressed soon.

    On a side note my push is also ridiculously slow at navigating and previewing through my own samples. Unfortuantly yet another reason to use the mouse and keyboard and not push

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  • deeplfo
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    OK, so it seems that if you first the track, i.e. either audio or midi, and then Browse, then you can see the Places folders.

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  • meanstreets
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    Basically once your in a Audio track press 'clip' and then browse/preview for a loop or sample from any folder on your drive.

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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