Can switching songs be midi-mapped on the Launchpad?

Hi all - I've just began integrating Live w/ Launchpad into my set, and I'm wondering if anyone has any clever ideas on how to switch between songs without actually opening it up on the laptop.  I'm already using the Launchpad a little unusually, as I exclusively use the user settings, and ideally I'd like a button programmed for 'next song'...  Anyone have any ideas?  I'm already using midi-strokes for an 'Undo' button, but I can't conceive of how to midi-map that...  I just hate the visuals of having to fiddle around on a laptop to get to the next song.  

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!



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    based on a few minutes of trying it out, I have come up with the following idea:

    You could use automap to create a qwerty-based nav structure. basically, just assign buttons the following functions:

    cmnd-o (to open file browser)

    up/down arrows (1 button each)

    cmnd+up-arrow (to go up one level in a file hierarchy)

    return (to open folders or launch songs)

    you can actually use this to search your entire computers file structure for files, in any program, so a little bit cooler than a "next song" button, though it will take more button presses.

    if you assign buttons close to the top of your automap page, near the user2 button, you should be able to run this series of functions in just a second or two, provided you place all your tracks in one folder, and just use the open-down-return buttons to move to the next track in line.

    edit: random fun fact, you don't have to back out of your automap page after launching the next song, it reboots the LP to session view.

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