Can live record takes to lanes as one can do in other daws? if i want to composite a guitar track?

I would like to loop record without recording over a previous take.


mooshi 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • stealthbopper
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    You mean composite ('comp') takes, which I know Logic Pro and Reason 6 can do? Sadly, I don't think it can - it would be a great addition.

    5 years ago | 3 comments
  • tezza
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    Live does in fact have a way to do it, but Live does not use the conventional methodology - it is really a work-around. Set the loop brace to the section you want to do multiple takes on in the arrangement view. Arm the track for record, place the cursor at the beginning of the loop brace on your track. Set your metronome to count-in (if you like). Then press record. Keep recording over and over that section and don't stop until you are done. Then, select the newly recorded clip in the arrangement view. Now view the clip in the sample box. You will see the entire recording there. Now you need to go an tediously move the start and end markers individually to select the take that you want. In the first place, you can move the start marker to the very begining and the end marker to the very end so that you may audition all your takes, but you will want to solo your track while you do this.

    Not idea.

    I use Reaper to do my recording. While Ableton has pretty much invented a whole new way to create music, it has done so at the expense of the traditional musician workflow. Reaper may be a budget tool, but it is more sophisticated in many ways than most DAWs. If you feel as though money is no object, check out Cubase as it comes with a pitch editing interface for digital recording. This is a great way to tweak without having to do more takes.

    4 years ago | 2 comments

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