Can i use Reaktor plug-ins inside ableton and be able to controll it with a akai mpk25 as a midi? ......... If so what other plugins work well with ableton & akai midis?

i donot have reaktor


drizzae89 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • TheAnt
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    Yes you can use Reaktor in Ableton and yes you wil be able to control it using midi from you mpk25.

    To use a Reaktor plugin, you will need to have Reaktor installed. There is a free version called Reaktor Player (Google it) that will let you use a limited set and allow you to buy other Reaktor plugins.

    Most VSTs will work in Ableton and can be controlled by midi, you should check with the developers - there are thousands and I couldn't list them.

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