Can I uninstall Live 9 Trial after installing Live 9 Suite?

I tried Live 9 Trial for a few weeks, adding lots of packs, creating projects, adding user presets, etc. Now I bought Push & Live 9 Suite, and successfully installed and authorized Suite. All packs, user settings, etc. I configured in Live 9 Trial are present. I wonder if I can uninstall Ableton Live 9 Trial now.

The reason I'm asking is because Ableton Live 9 Trial shows up (in CCleaner/Tools) with a total size of 2.75 GB, while Live 9 Suite shows up with a file size of 1.37 GB. That makes me wonder if some of my "old" stuff (pack, presets, projects, etc.) might get deleted when I uninstall Live 9 Trial.


2TD 1 year ago | 0 comments

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