Can I switch between Clip and Device views using MIDI control?

I find that I switch between Clip View and Device View quite frequently, especially when editing a MIDI clip in a track with some really interesting synthesizer in it.

The keyboard shortcut for this is Shift+Tab. I find this somewhat awkward to hit, as I have to index two keys. I'd love to be able to switch this shortcut with normal Tab, which changes between Session and Arrangement views. I don't do this very often, so I'd be okay with having the harder shortcut for that.

But it'd be really cool if I could map the Clip/Device switch to a MIDI controller, such as a footswitch or a button on, say, a Launchpad. Is this possible in Live? Have I missed an option somewhere?


Warrior Bob 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Seppe
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    It is possible, but you'll have to write a midi remote script. I wrote one for the MPD-32 that has a clip/track selector (see You could search the forums to see whether a good remote script exists for your own midi controller.

    If you want to make a custom script for your midi controller, than you should start with reading this blog: Writing your own midi remote scripts is not straightforward, but it opens a lot of possibilities.



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  • Tibo2004
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    you can also use midistroke, a free app, that converts a midi signal to keyboard keys or shortcut. (letters, series of letters, crtl+ letters...). you can even add a series (CRT+D then ENTER...)

    I think it only works on mac


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  • vanKloot
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    OMG 5 years later and you just made someone's day!  midiStroke is AWESOME!!

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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