can i somehow automate/save every parameter of an instrument at once in a clip?


maybe its a noob question , but i was wondeing if its possible, to simply record every parameter of an instrument at once in a clip?

presume i have a clip and programmed a beat with the drum rack for example, and it sounds good.  then i duplicate the clip and change some parameters on the drum rack, my first clip will sound different of course, cause i didn´t automate all parameters i changed. wouldnt it be cool to automate or save all parameters with one click, to make sure the sound will stay exactly as i programmed it, while being able to play around with parameters like i whish in other clips?

maybe there is another workflow for that?is it possible to load instrument presets with the start of a clip (as with external midi instruments)?




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    This is a popular question. How do you approach the problem?

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