Can I save any Guitar Rig 5 preset in Live Lite 8?

I'm using GR5 as an audio effect in Live Lite 8, and I'm having no trouble with the audio or recording as such. However only presets 1-128 from GR are available in the 'Select VST preset' window, so most GR presets (including all user presets) can't be saved in Live.

Selecting a preset with a number higher than 128 in GR will simply register as 128 (Crunchy800) in Live. That is, the preset sound I selected comes out, but I can't save the selection in Live.

So my question is shouldn't I be able to save any Guitar Rig 5 preset in Live Lite 8, and is there anything I can do about this problem?



Andrei_R 2 years ago | 0 comments

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