Can I record my keyboard mod-wheel, pitch bend and other midi controllers in Arrangement view? All seems to work fine in the Session view.

Everything records fine in the clip view and even arrangement view. As soon as I hit record, the midi controls seem to be disabled. Track is armed, automation button is on. I'm confused. All I want to do is record changes to my midi synth sounds as a clip plays.


electroandy 3 years ago | 0 comments

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    Hi Andy, 

    When you are playing back clips from session view and want to record them into arrangement view while applying new automations to it, please keep in mind to also press the "Session record" button in session view, as you are actually altering a clip that resides in session view. 

    Once this button is active you should be able to record your modwheel and pitchbend into arrangement view. 

    If you record into arrangment without any clips from session view playing, this button does not need to be active. 

    More information can be found here:



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