Can I record from another DAW at the same time using ReWire?

I am trying to use Reaper as a ReWire slave to record MPE MIDI from a Roli Seaboard while I jam in session view.

I have set up Reaper in ReWire mode successfully and sent the audio to Ableton. I'm able to use my Push 2 to start the recording process in Ableton, and capture the generated audio from my Seaboard playing in Reaper. However, even with the Reaper track armed for recording, hitting the record button on my Push or in Live does not begin recording MIDI in Reaper - I have to click the record button separately, which ruins the time syncing of everything.


The whole purpose of this is to record MPE MIDI from my Seaboard that I can then go and create automation over after the fact. I have tried the Roli method of recording the Seaboard onto multiple MIDI tracks in Ableton, but I have not seen an efficient way to record automation over multiple MIDI tracks at once. I was hoping Reaper would solve this for me since it supports MPE natively, but so far I have been at a road block on the record syncing.


Any tips? Am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks! 

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tcwatson 1 year ago | 0 comments

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