Can I move my Ableton Live files to external storage to save disk space?

I recently purchased and downloaded Ableton Live 9 Suite and was having no problems at all until recently when I discovered I've run out of disk space on my computer. I hadn't been paying attention to my storage space, and hadn't noticed until recently that Ableton Live 9 Suite is taking up a massive amount of space on my disk, not to mention all of the instrument packs I've downloaded along with it, some of which are multiple gigabytes in size. I need to clear up room on my disk by moving some of my files to an external storage device attached to my laptop, and since Ableton Live and its affiliated files are so large, they seem like perfect candidates for relocation. However, I am extremely hesitant to do this. If I copy Ableton Live 9 Suite to an external storage device, and then delete the original files from my laptop hard drive in order to save space, will I still be able to use Ableton Live from my external storage device connected to my laptop? And even if I am, would Ableton Live then recognize my external device as a second computer and require me to reactivate my license? 

I am using a MacbookPro with 250 GB of memory running OS X El Capitan 10.11.3. My external storage device is a My Passport Ultra with 2 TB of memory.


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    Is it possible to save certain packs (that I use a lot) on the HD and the rest of my packs on en external drive? Or do I have to keep it all in one place?

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    You can change the installation folder for packs in Live's preferences -> Library. This option will even ask you, if you want to move the current packs to this location.

    Going further, you can also save your projects on an external HD, but before moving the project folders, we recommend using the collect all and save function from the "file" menu, as explained over here :

    The application bundle itself should definitely stay on the system drive, please don't move this to any other folder or drive. 

    Hope this helps, 


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  • Abyssmal
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    I'm trying to save files that were saved using collect all and save on my old computer. Now I'm accessing them using the backup external drive. While I can open and edit and work with the sets, I can't save them. It tells me "The file....... could not be opened." I can't collect all and save, either. Any help would be appreciated.

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