Can I midi map 1 pad to solo more than 1 track that are on different outputs?

I'm using my Roland spd-s to trigger drum sounds from Ableton, but also running tracks in the same sessions. 

In the past I have used a "solo the click track" mapping as a fail safe if we ever got off of the tracks (we normally play songs straight through...and spontaneity can come at the end of a song once we are finish with the tracks), but now that I have all the live triggered drum sounds coming from ableton, I need to be able to solo about 5 channels (or mute several other channels) with the push of just one button. 

I know groups would be a great way to do this, but each drum is output on it's own channel (kick 1, snare 2, tom 3...etc) grouping all the drums + click track would eliminate the individual mix control for our FOH engineer. 

Does anyone have any ideas?



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    Midi controllers can be mapped to several functions at once, if you like. Use the midi mapping function at the right-top of the screen. Select the solo button for one channel and hit a pad that you want to use. Then do the same for all other channels you want to solo and keep hitting the same button. That should map a single pad to several solo buttons. Make sure you turn off the 'exclusive' option in Live's preferences first, so you can solo more than one track at a time. Hope this helps.

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