Can I map my APC40 Device Controls to NI Plugins?

I want to map the controls I use the most on my Komplete 7 Plugins to the Device Controls on my APC40 and be able to recall them the same way I mapped them in ANY Live set New or Old.... Is this possible?


Thanks in advance!



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  • synnack
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    Midi mappings do not get saved outside of the current set. So you have 2 options. 

    1) you can create a set with all the mappings how you want them, then use this as a template. Every new song you create starts with that set which has your mappings in it. 

    2) Since you ask about eh APC40 Device knobs, you could map your preferred 8 controls to 8 macro knobs in an instrument rack. then every time you drag that instrument into ableton live, instead of dragging the device, you drag the rack. Then just make sure that rack is selected (has the blue hand) and your APC40 knobs would control those same 8 things regardless of what set. 

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  • yur2die4
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    If you would like 8x8 parameters to control, you can try the VST's "Configure" mode. This allows you to choose most of the parameters that you would like easy access to. You can use the page button to switch between the groups of 8. The key to actually SAVING this setup, is Grouping it into an Instrument Rack. Show/hide macro knobs etc. to taste, and then drag it into your Ableton Device browser for future use :)

    7 years ago | 3 comments

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