can I manually set the bpm for a segment/clip

Hi there,


I would like to be able to loop audio clips in session view without any time stretch caused by warping.

Obviously looping a clip means hitting the warp button. However, Live's guesses of the bpm's of my clips are almost always out, since the clips are often textures or rhythms that bear no relation to the set bpm of the arrangement. So when you loop it, it warps the samples from the bpm it reckons it's at to the bpm of the arrangement, which usually mangles the audio in the process (or if there is a rhythmic element, speeds it up or slows it down).

My question is then, can I manually override the Live's guess at the bpm in the "sample" box of the clip view (shown in "seg. bpm" under "warp")?   

I have seen other people's work-around, whereby you can switch off warp (and therefore loop), then set a "follow action" in the clip's "launch" window to play the sample again after a set amount of bars/beats, but I created the clips in Cubase (I'm just more used to that program for editing and still a bit of a newbie for Live), and made them so that they loop seamlessly if you loop the whole clip. They almost never fit a set number of bars/beats, so it's really hard to set up a follow action that accurately loops seamlessly.

The other suggestion is to import the clip into arrangement view and consolidate it to another file, which then takes on the bpm of the track, but that seems a pain to do that every time (not to mention waste of hard disk space!)

Any ideas??










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    Hey there,

    if you don't mind having the loops change their length with the bpm, try using instances of Sampler in midi tracks in stead of bare loops in audio track. If it's just textures/drones without a rhythmic value, it should work. Let me know how it goes.


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