Can I delete .ALP Packs once they have been installed?


I just downloaded Suite 9 and ALL of the packs that came with it.  I now have the .alp files in a folder on my desktop.  Can I delete the .alp packs once I have installed them into Ableton, or do I need to put them in a safe place on my HD?  Thanks.



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  • HowlingEverett
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    You should probably keep them somewhere as a backup. While you can always re-download your packs from Ableton, the average Suite library of packs is 50GB+ which is a hell of an annoying thing to re-download en masse if you decide to migrate machines or do a clean install.

    The problem is that the current version of Ableton (9.1.2 as of writing) won't detect an existing Factory packs folder. If you try to install any of the packs in that folder via "Install Pack..." it detects them as corrupt. It seems Live can only install packs via the ALP package format, and not via the uncompressed package that sits in the Factory Packs folder.

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    You should be able to just delete them. They basically work like dmg or exe files. However, (and this only applies to some types of files that are made by 3rd parties) sometimes, you have to manage the files, such as if the live pack consists of a single live set, in which case, you have to use the "manage files" function and import everything into your library in order to not lose it.

    but as far as the ones you just downloaded, I deleted mine yesterday, and everything is totally fine.

    Just make sure you delete the ones with a black icon... not the ones with a white one, because those are folders.

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  • m▽tchhe▽d
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    Thanks for this. I was just wondering the same thing.

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  • Jeremy G
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    If you're looking for precise monitoring of the space available on your hard drive, some tools might help you. On Mac OS X, there is a free software called "Disk Inventory X" that I regularly use to check what takes room on my computer. Perfect to locate your Ableton library files, for instance.

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  • ScribblerSounds
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    Hey y'all! Glad to see this answer. I'm wondering about how much hard drive space I might be able to clear up by deleting the .alp file.

    Here's the info for Ableton's "Grand Piano" pack.

    Installation size: 1.41 GB 

    Download size: 638.9 MB

    So once it's installed, does it take up [1.41GB] or [1.41GB plus 638.9MB]? If it's the latter case, I'm assuming I can basically make it the former by deleting the .alp.

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  • KatzeMeow
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    I have always like Grand perspective OSX


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