Can i connect an Ipad with ableton and plug ins on my laptop to use it in windows based ableton live 9??

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As I've questioned as above (can i connect an Ipad on my laptop to use it in windows based ableton live 9??)


If it is possible, I want to use the Ipad as a controller for my windows based ableton and to load Ipad created loops, sounds baseline's and so forth in my windows based ableton.


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    You are basically looking for 2 separate things, if i read correctly:
    1) control Ableton and plugins via ipad:
    You need an app that can do this, and usually need to set up some software on your computer as well.
    Have a look at apps like TouchOSC, TouchAble, Lemur, etc. There are a lot of options, and the setup is described in the manuals. This can be done via wifi or via a cable.

    2) use sounds and devices on your ipad to use in Live.
    For this, you need to actually send an audio signal from your ipad into your soundcard/computer.
    Using the headphone output of the ipad is an option, but if you want a better sound with more options, you will need something like a dock to turn your ipad into a recording and playback device that can be connected to anything. Alesis IO dock is an option, but there are more types available.

    I use ipad for both midi control and as an instrument, so it is all possible: just depends on what you want to do. Hope this helps!

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