Can I bypass midi note mappings of scenes so I can use those piano keyboard notes to record new midi info into clips?

I have midi mapped notes on my korg microKey to launch scenes... ( to trigger during a live performance)  If i want to record new midi clips using the same microKey, (a new bassline etc.),  it will launch scenes corresponding to the notes I have played.   Is there a way around this?


The only options I see are:  

Wait till I have done all the midi recording I need to do with the microKey, then do all the mapping after.  

Use only the extreme low/high midi notes to map scene launches to, this way I probably wont use those keys when recording new clips.

Hook up another controller to record midi notes into clips.

neither of these is ideal,  anybody else use the midi piano keyboard to launch scenes?   If so, 


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    Before I begin, something you must understand is that Ableton does not process midi commands in relation to the port that each one comes in. It only processes all of the midi commands in a group. So if you have a B2 note going in on your micro key and then you press your launchpad, Ableton will respond to each press as if it came from only one controller. This, while unfortunate, is also very easy to work around in Ableton. I looked up the manual associated with the microKey and found that there is no way to change the channel that the midi sends on. So now we go on to option two.

    The first thing you are going to need to do is set up an IAC driver i-o port if you run mac or a midiyoke i-o port if you run PC. After you do this, you can create a dummy midi track in Ableton Live, and send your microKey through that midi track so your midi preferences will look like so:

    input: microKey track-on sync-off remote-off

    then what you can do is have the output of that midi track send the midi information from the microKey to the IAC driver (basically creating a feedback loop. Your preferences should first be changed to:

    input: IAC driver track-off sync-off remote-on

    output: IAC driver track-on sync-off remote off

    Now, the final step. (yay!) All you have to do is map a key on your computer keyboard or from somewhere else to the speaker on / off for the midi track you just created along with the midi tracks, or better yet instruments / instrument racks that you have the micro key going to.

    Personally, I prefer to map "z" or another extraneous key like the "`" key, but the choice is really up to you.

    That should solve your problem. Any more questions, please feel free to ask.

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    Thanks so much for this info!! 

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