Can I bring out an individual sound from a drum kit into a new track as in sampler/simpler like when drag & drop sample into track?

I am aware of right-clicking a chain, that I want, and click 'extract chains' and that creates a separate track with the chain in a drum rack.

What I want is a separate track with only sample in sampler/simpler, not in a drum rack.

For example, in Keys 2 Love Kit.adg from Beat Tools Pack, There are female vocal samples. I want to play the samples like I play a key or bass with piano rolls in midi clips. But It creates a new track only with a drum rack when I click and drag & drop one of em into empty area in arrangement view or whatever I try.

So How can I use a sound from a drum kit in a separate, individual track with notes and piano roll?

ps. I am using Ableton Suit and it is up to date


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    Click on the cell you want, to select it. Expand the Drum Rack with the Show/Hide Devices button, so you can see the Simpler device that generates the cell's sound. Then hold down Option/Alt and drag the Simpler by its title bar into the "Drop Files and Devices Here" area. This should create a new MIDI track with a copy of the Simpler that you can play with the piano roll.

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