Can I automate groove parameter changes?


I need a Midi-Clip to slowly start swinging and then play straight again.

This is what i tried (Session View):

For the groove I added "Swing 8-99.agr" to the Clip.

I selected the clip, got my track ready to record Midi, clicked the session record button and the automation arm.

While the Clip plays I increase the timing parameter in the Groove Pool from 0-100%

No Automation recorded.

Is there another way to add swing over time?

I'm using Ableton Live 9 Full Suite 

Thank You


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    I do not think this is possible. Grooves are just applied to single midi clips. 

    However, a possible alternative could be to chop up the midi clip in say 1 bar clips, then to apply different amounts of the same groove to the various pieces of the midi clip.

    For example, if you had a 4 bar loop and you did not want to have the groove come in until the second bar, and have it kind of become less apparent in the 3rd bar, and eventually be just like the first bar when you get to the 4th bar... read that again to make sure you got that.

    You can cut the (4 bar) clip up into 4 equal 1 bar length clips, apply the groove to the second clip, and then apply the group with more quantization or timing, or less randomization, whatever would be needed to make the groove less apparent... Just an idea.

    If you don't like that idea, you can just look at what a 100% swing is, and just slowly move each midi note to match that groove after you take the beat grid lines off by pressing command or control + 4.

    Hope this helps

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