Can anyone run Live 9 Suite on Windows 10 without issues?

So about a week ago, I finally dropped the money on Live 9 Suite and a Push 2 (I used Live 9 Lite for about 6 months, and Reaper before that). Since day 1 I have had issues, random audio crashes, ANR's, etc. Usually a reboot or 2 would fix it. Now for the last 3 days, my computer will not shut down. It just hangs when I try to reboot, so I have to cut power to the PC to shut it down and restart. This morning, my computer wouldnt even turn on. So I pulled the hard drive containing Ableton, hooked it up to my laptop and deleted everything Ableton related, including Max for Live. Popped the hard drive back in my desktop and now it is working perfectly.

I am at my wit's end with Live so I just want to know if other Windows users have similar issues. If it's just me, then I may try a fresh install of Windows 10. If I can't fix these issues I could still get my $1000+ investment back (30 day return period)

I took out a support ticket with Ableton nearly a week ago, still no reply, so I figured I would post here.

Live is great when it works, but I have been spending way more time pulling my hair out than actually making music.

So I would love to hear some input from other Windows users, can anyone run this program properly? Without crashes? Or is it just poorly supported on Windows?


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  • mcbpete
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    Yeah works absolutely fine on my machine (I too have Windows 10, Ableton 9 Suite & Push 2) with no crackles or crashes and things like. Sounds like there might be funky going on with your install of Windows and/or the drivers for your hardware (soundcard and/or video card are the usual culprits) or maybe the drive that Ableton is on is dodgy

    Have you tried running something like chkdsk to check the integrity of the drive?

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  • icedroid
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    I have the same issue and it seems like it is all about compatibility fo the push 2 display drivers that are not that stable in some cases...


    In fact my push works like a charm on my mac (still some mac users encountering the same problem) but not at all on my windows 10 pro 64bits pc...


    I tried almost everything but nothing ... So your help will be welcom !

    Considering that I already had a support tickets; Let me tell you that they answer was a joke ...


    And good luck ...

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  • cainoh
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    Mixed result for me, Live working well on Win 10, and Push does as well most of the time, but occasionally will drop out (screen goes dark). Not a deal-beaker, usually repowering Push will put life back into it (sometime repowering a couple times, alas), so mostly a mild nuisance. Hoping it stays that way, or at least doesn't go downhill.

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  • Great Bear
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    No issues here at all - although haven't used Push with this machine

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