Can anyone help with syncing Traktor Pro to Ableton Live without using a 10 channel external audio interface?


I saw this link and tried to follow the instructions:
I was doing quite well until I got to the problem of audio channels.
In the video he uses NI Audio 10, which is a great help whilst routing the 10 channels needed in his set up. 
Now I wouldn't use so many channels as potentially I would be using two decks and a preview (so I assume 6 channels?) but I don't own an NI Audio 6/8/10 interface, as I usually just use OSX's in-built core audio in Ableton at home. 
If I'm using Traktor Pro I use Numark's Omni Controller which I think only has two stereo channels. So can I get round this? I tried hooking up my old ESI Gigaport USB 8 channel soundcard but it seemed to offer me 4 stereo channels max in a very strange labelled Core configuration (front left/front right/back left ??? etc)
So my question is can you create a virtual audio interface rather than use an external one? I know of JackOSX and Soundflower and I've found some blurb here about Aggregate devices:
So could you gain channels by combining physical devices and apps like Soundflower to create a multi-channel Aggregate device/virtual audio interface?
Additionally I've noticed Soundflower has 16 channels so can I just use Soundflower and perhaps my Omni Controller?
If so can someone help me with the channel routing so that it works?


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    I was just experimenting with this the other night, also using the built-in Core Audio (Haven't messed with setting it up with my NI Audio 2 yet) and my setup was as follows:

    Feeding midi clock from Traktor to Live via Traktor's virtual midi cable (configured as a controller)

    Feeding audio from Traktor to Live via Soundflower's 16ch, using external mixing in Traktor, and two stereo inputs for Live.

    Once you have Soundflower installed, open Traktor's preferences:

    Audio Setup > Audio Device: Soundflower 16ch
    Output Routing > Mixing Mode: External ; set your decks to use a pair of Soundflower outputs each.

    In Ableton Live Preferences:

    Audio > Audio Device: Core Audio
    Audio > Audio Input Device: Soundflower 16ch
    Audio > Audio Output Device: Built-in Output
    Audio > Input Config: Select the channels you specified in Traktor

    In your live set, create an audio channel, and select the correct Audio From properties for each Traktor channel you wish to feed. 
    *Note: Be sure to change input monitoring from "Auto" to "In," or you won't hear anything!

    This should get you up and running with audio and midi from Traktor into Live.

    In my Live set for DJing in this style, I use 2 main busses output to the Main mixer, and then a multitude of channels that I can easily output to the 2 main busses. All of my audio sources come from the extra channels, and all of my effects and volume controls happen on the 2 busses.

    This allows me to play clips in Live or Traktor, and use the same effects easily on each to keep a consistent sound. (i.e. three channels routed to 1 bus, perhaps a Traktor channel, and two clip channels, all being processed with the same effects/filtering etc). I also add in a few channels that go straight to the main output for certain utilities like swoosh effects.

    If you wish to do this as well, it's simply more of the same: Set up your 2 or 4 busses (whatever you normally DJ with), set "Audio From" to none, and set their monitors to IN. Add your effects, filters, etc on these channels.

    The rest of your channels can be set to Audio To: and then select whichever bus you wish. 

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