Can Ableton "step play" rather than step record?

Hi all, I'm needing to find out if Ableton can do the opposite of step recording, that is step playback.

I'm in a tribute band in which the lead singer needs to fake the piano for the intro of a couple of songs and I thought it might be possible to play back the next note of the sequence as he hits any key on a keyboard like you would if you were step writing a sequence. The only skill he would need to bring is one of hitting the keys in time.

I've seen electronic acts do something similar where they are playing back melodies by hitting keys on a controller sequentially rather than melodically.

Am I dreaming in thinking this might be possible?


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    Easiest way would be to make several loops/parts (midi or audio). Make variations on a melody, for instance, and load all these loops/vlips into a track in Live.

    By using a midi controller (or even a simple computer keyboard) you can assign each clip to a button, and trigger them.

    Lots of videos on the web on this, and it is also covered in the Live manual.

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