Can Ableton function as a Freehand Loopstation for realtime ordered Playback with Odd Meter Clips ?

Guitarists, other Instrumentalists and Vocalists often use Hardware Loopstations like the Boss RC-300. In Soloperformances I use the RC-300 as a Playback-Machine with in a DAW prepared Stereotracks, while I play Guitar. I have the Idea, that Abelton could do it much better and more flexible:
- launch 3-10 Scenes for realtime arranged Playback Tracks, triggered by a midi Floorboard (the RC-300 only has 3 Loops)
- each Scene can be build in different Meters or contains changing Meters like progressive Rock, Jazz or Modern Classical Music : Porcupine Tree, Guthrie Govan, Avishai Cohen - Chutzpan, Aristocrats, Frank Zappa, Stockhausen, or I.Stravinsky in 3 pieces for Clarinet...
- each Scene containes several Clips and Instruments
- One Step on the Floorboard tells Ableton which Scene starts immediately after playing the current Scene til it's End. The launching Step should possibly happen in the whole Time the current Scene runs, not just 1 or 4 Bars before the End, because of Strange Meters like 3/16, 5/16 or 21/8. It has to be as simple as the RC-300, that can be configured that Way.
And that's where the Problem starts ! I couldn´t find a way. 
Is there somebody who has an Idea how to build that in Ableton?
Is MAX FOR LIVE capable to bring a solution ?
I have the latest Ableton Live Version 9.1.6 on a Mac Book Pro 2012, 16 GB, Mac OS X  10.10.1. 
There may be several ways to realise it:
- The RC-300 just sees the Start and End Point of a Sample without looking at the metric structure. Even Mainstage 3(Logic Pro X) can handle it so in the Playback-Module.
Live Electronic is more and more coming to all Genres and Ableton seems to be open to music structures that are not only Dance oriented, but also Rock, Jazz, Modern Classic,....
If necessary, i can help with my odd meter Rock & Jazz material to test or help create solutions.

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  • kujus
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    I found a way to

    - trigger Scenes as Playback Loops with spontanious decided repeat amount

    - each scene can have different meters, odd meter, tempo, and/or different lenght

    - each scene contains several clips (only tried midi...)

    - one klick on the floorboard prepares the next scene to start immediately after ending the current scene. the click can happen everytime, even at the beginning of a 30 bar scene.

    - I use the softstep 2 floorboard

    - additionally, PUSH can be used to control volume of each track and/or master volume - normally there should work every push function - only tried volume till now.

    If somebody is interested, I can explain what to do. 



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