Can a macro be triggered by another macro, and can a macro be triggered at a certain level?

Can a macro be triggered by another macro?

Example: Macro one and two are used separately during a song, but I want to use macro 3 in conjunction to both of them when both one and two macros are played at the same time.

Can a Macro be triggered at a certain level?

Example: Similar to above, but lets say I want to trigger a macro from another macros current level setting. Macro one is 0-100, but I want to trigger macro two when macro one hits 50-100.


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    I'm not sure about the second part of your question, but you could try and place your instrument rack into another instrument rack which would allow you to assign multiple macros from the initial rack to a single macro of the enclosing rack.

    You could also duplicate the effect rack. Set the one up to allow individual control of the two macros. The second effect rack would be the double rack with the two macros assigned to be controlled by a single macro. Use key mapping to switch racks. Simply assign a single key to A/B the fx racks on and off.

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