Can a different BPM be set per track?

I want to do some polyrhythmic experiments with loops, playing some faster or slower than others.  Is this possible?  

Kind of defeats the purpose of Live keeping loops perfectly in sync, I guess.  I'd just like to play some loops as 1 bar, for instance, while other loops play as 1 1/3 bar...independent of the loops' original bpm.


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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    I suppose the only way to do this would be to find something that includes all time signatures, so find the common denominator.

    If you have a 4/4 track and you want a 3/4 track to be used as well then you should use a 12/4 time or a 3/1, if that's what you like.

    Or, if you are looking at bpms as you stated, then you should simply be able to utilize the clip overview section where, in the bottom left corner you will find track bpm, which you will be able to change as you wish after turning off the warp function.


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  • germanomartins
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    Ableton live have scene bpm independent. Only need put 100bpm ou 90bpm ou ... on the scene name (works with signature too). See the manual.

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