Buying a Push 2 having never used Ableton ?

Is it worth it to buy a Push 2, knowing that I never used Ableton before (meaning I'll have to learn both the DAW and the hardware, isn't it going to be frustrating and  long, a hassle  ?) ?

I'm hesitating between the Push 2 and the MPC Touch, because I'm a Fl Studio user and I'm accustomed to the MPC software (but a limited version, so I'll be upgrading if I buy a Touch). 

Hoping for unbiased opinions please and thanks beforehand ! 


J Rukay 1 year ago | 0 comments

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    Personally I think Push really adds something to the total "feel" of Live. I would first try out the software a little bit to understand the way it works. Shouldn't be too hard if you are already familiar with producing and DAW's.

    But after that, learning to work with the software using Push might take some extra time in total, but will definitely be worth it. Push will become a touchable part of Live and this will probably enhance both your workflow and the fun in making music like that.

    I'm also a tutor specialised in Ableton Live and have had several complete noobs learning Live with a Push controller. So I'm sure it works :-)

    1 year ago | 1 comment

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