Buffer problems / ASIO driver Behringer FCA610

Hey all,

I have some trouble with my setup. I use Live9 with a Behringer FCA610 via USB as external soundcard. It happens that I have random cutoffs and crackles. My CPU shows values between 25% and 40%, never more than 45%. Anyhow, I suppose it has to do with the buffer settings in the ASIO driver environment. The Behringer ASIO drivers show three sliders:

1) Isochronous Streaming buffer depth

2) ASIO buffer depth

3) WDM sound buffer depth

It's the old fight between cutoffs and latency (especially on my microphone, MIDI works fine) but I haven't yet found a decent setting. Has anyone here some experience or could give me some feedback?

Thanks in advance


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RayWindsor 23 days ago | 0 comments

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