Browsing ZenPad Packs with Push impossible?

Hello to all.

I purchased and registered the packs ZenPad Mantra and ZenPad Oriental.

These packs however do not show in Push Browser: Places/Packs/...... 

These are official ableton packs like other ableton packs.

They contain .alc and .wav files.

They are shown in Documents/Ableton/Factory Packs/...... on my Windows 7 64 bit PC.

Can anyone please help out?!





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    Thanks for all the lovely support and suggestions.

    They are clips and waves; not instruments. Can be loaded in a drumrack swapped by Push, only from Lives browser after a disabled swap. Not from Push browser. After thus loading they may appear in Push browser, but more often than not, they do not appear. This also counts for FL VST's. This off and on appearence puzzles me. 

    Maybe there is a Push Professor among you to enlighten me. You will be awarded with a heartfelt loving hug.

    FBJ from the Netherlands (almost WCFB)


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