Browser - multiple instances, detach

Is it possible to somehow, detach browser from session view and use it on second monitor , third , fourth monitor ?

Browser feature for me is very limiting, I am ms windows user and i usually use 2 monitors , with 5-10 windows explorer opened, 10 remote desktops couple of web browsers so using only one slows my workflow, toughts, ideas.. 

For me its very frustrating process you got there. Lets say i look for snare, must type it or chose folder. I type snare and click search, ohh i must resize window now..  Lets play it, ohh i must resize window again..  After that search lets say kick, zoom, unzoom, ... And then i dont like snare, and again zoom, unzoom, type, scroll.... and so on.

Anyway there are lots of repetitive  unneeded actions  going on with browser.

Would be nice if i could open lets say 10 browsers , and have it on some tab, or opened all on second monitor  with view on different locations and with one click i could see what i used last, open it, drag and drop onto track. .. 

Are there any VST Browser ?

Is it possible to use max for Live to make something like this, so i could open 10 browsers on second monitor, and add some advanced functionality to it  ?  

Is there any other solution regarding browsing, previewing  samples, instruments, effects.. in multiple instances of "something" ?

Thx in advance

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dozz 3 years ago | 0 comments

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