Bounce big amount of audio clips?

Hi there!

I have lots of audio clips that I need to bounce together (in session view).

For example:

2 track with each one 200 clips, I need to have only 1 track with the 200 clips bounced. (I have much more actually)

I know there are some ways in the arrangement view for bouncing, but I haven' t found any proper way for session view, appart from recording manually new clips manually.

Any idea?









zop 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • hilker
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    Select all the clips at once in session view (click on the first one to select it, then scroll down and click on the last one while holding Shift), copy them, then paste into the arrangement. 

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  • zop
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    Hi Hilker,


    Thanks for your answer.


    I need to "merge" those clips from 2 track together in order to have 1 track with the merged clips (I' m not sure that merge is the right word), in session view.


    I could do that manually recording the sound from those 2 track into a new one, clip by clip. It works perfectly but that would take ages...


    If I apply your technique (tell me if I' m wrong), I will end up with a bounced audio file (by exporting the audio), but this audio file won' t fit to my need of having the merged clips in session view, unless I cut and reorganise this audio file manually in arrangement view into new clips for using it in the session view (that would also take ages).






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