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I just got my push and it's beautiful! But. What are your tips for using external software instruments/plugins? Is there a way to map controls from plugins to Push so that they are controllable in the same way Live-racks are? How do you use your external plugins with Push?

With all respect to Live's racks but I almost exclusively use external plugins (like UNO-X, Sylenth, Minimoog etc).


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  • Ginkgo
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    In the first version of Push, the best/only way to load VSTs is to first save that plugin as an Instrument rack by grouping it then saving it in your preset library, even if there are no other effects or instruments in the chain. (Do this by selecting the plug in inside the device view and hitting CMD+G, then name it whatever you like and hit the save icon.) 

    For mapping the controls, there are two things to do- the first is to hit the carrot on the top of your VST device window (next to the wrench icon you click to reveal the VST GUI), which will reveal a button that says "Configure". Click that, and now start moving parameters inside your VST. Each one will be added to the VST Device (in the order you move them, importantly) and named some abbreviation of its proper name. (At this time you cannot rename them, near as I can tell.) Now these parameters can be mapped to macro controls.

    As for Push, any macro-mapped controls will show up immediately when you load your newly created VST rack, and you can then access 4 pages (32 controls total) of parameters using the left/right arrow. And there you go.

    Worth noting that this could be made smoother in a number of ways - being able to rename, and drag-to-rearrange configured parameters inside Live, as well as being able to access more than 4 pages of parameters on Push, since most VSTs have way more. 

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  • queglay
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    This is relevent for browsing presets for Native Instruments directly from Push's browser.

    The Push VST Bridge gives you converted presets for Komplete and others to follow...

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    I browse all my KU presets from Push using Audiomodder, and various other Vsts using the packs at Mabelton Audio. I also got the Omnisphere packs from freelance soundlabs. Seems to be the best workaround for the moment

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    It's pretty sad that this is (still) an issue.

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi all, 

    We also created a Knowledgebase article covering this topic, please have a look:




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