Best way to send current state of all mapped MIDI values to my controller?



I own Max for Live and I'm looking for the best way send a snapshot of all currently mapped software control values to my MIDI controller.


Ideally it would be a single MIDI mappable UI button so when I switch pages on the controller I could press a hardware button to update the LED feedback with all the current values for the new controls.  


I am mapping my control surface in a way inspired by the Softube Console 1:  Each preset/page number of my BCR matches a corresponding audio channel number in my mixing template.  If I can get the values for each channel strip to update on the hardware when I switch between them, I can mix without looking at the monitor or using the mouse.




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    At the moment I've just mapped a button to send cmnd+m twice, which opens and closes the mapping browser.


    When you close the Mapping Browser, Live sends a snapshot of all current values.  


    So that works, but it would be easy to break mappings or make random ones I don't want if I'm going into MIDI Map mode all the time.  Still looking into it.

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  • mcbpete
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    What you'll be wanting is the fantastic BCR XL script, not free but my gosh it's fantastic -

    2 years ago | 3 comments

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