Best way to learn Push 2 for a DAW guy?

I've been out of music for a few years, but before that I spent years using DAWs, including MOTU, ProTools and finally Logic Pro.  I've also done traditional music charting, arranging and recording.

I was getting rid of some older gear, looking for a change.  I saw the Push 2 video, and thought it looked like an exciting, creatively free approach to composing.

From the Push 2 video, I thought that you wouldn't have to learn much Live to make music with Push 2.  Now that I have Push 2 and Live, I feel pretty lost.

I've gone through the video tutorials for Push 2, but they seem aimed at folks who have a background in EDM and using drum machines and samplers.  I can do the steps they teach in the video, but I don't understand the process of using these steps to compose a piece.

So what's the shortest, best path for me to follow to learn to make music with Push 2?  I've got a Lynda membership through my local library, and they have a Live course, but it seems like a big learning curve.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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    Since you already know 'traditional' arranging etc, you will probably need to understand the way Live can be used for 'on the fly' music making. Because Push is mainly based upon that 'different' way of making music.

    To learn, I would advise you to first get some info on the way Live works, especially the clips-part and f.i. drum racks. After that, you can incorporate Push and things will probably start making more sense.

    Since you already have a lot of experience I'm guessing you have enough knowledge to pick this up quite quickly. Tutorials and parts of the manual would probably be the best way for you to get ahead.
    Besides that, just practicing as much as possible with Push will really help to get a good feel for the device, and before you know it you won't even have to think about it anymore :-)

    Hope this helps!

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  • middle8
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    >I would advise you to first get some info on the way Live works, especially the clips-part and f.i. drum racks.

    Please explain "f.i. drum racks."

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    "for instance"

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