Best way to get more drum loops?

Just started with live standard. Very excited! I found the library of drum loops you can just drag and play, but the selection is kind of limited. I would like to find more classic rock, blues, funk beats that are already created. Is there a way to find them in Ableton or do I need to purchase them elsewhere? Very much appreciate advice.


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    The clips/loops you are talking about are basically nothing more than pieces of audio, and I'm assuming they are part of Live's library.
    But you can drag and drop any sample/audio/loop into Live.

    So if you want more loops of a certain style, you can make them yourself, download free sample packs (check out some of the downloads on Ableton's download page) or buy professional sample packs in different styles. Check out, for starters. There's a lot more to be found online.
    Hope this answers your question.

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    If you're looking for funk, blues, rock or any other "live/human" drum loops, we recommend checking out a few of these collections:

    Just select the WAV format option and you can drag and drop any of the loops directly into Ableton Live.  Enjoy!

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