Best way to edit loop points (to avoid clicking)


I am doing mostly loop-based stuff and usually use Mobius for its abliity to overdub, which session view clips cannot.

Now I want to loop a pulsing drone type of analog synth sound so there are no obvious start points and the pulse keeps time. In this case its easier to record a clip in session view and edit loop points. I know about editing start and end points on a zero crossover to avoid clicks, but in this waveform they are hard to find. is there a an easier way than scrolling through yards and yards of waveform?

Also when I zoom out, my waveform looks really low res so its harder to scan quickly for patterns in the wave. I am still on Live8, using El Capitan and aside from an occasional crash when something RAM intensive happens it's working fine.

Any clever tips on how to do this?


stonecutter 11 months ago | 0 comments

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