Best way to debug Max for Live Crashes

I have crashed Max for Live more than I have ever crashed any other program in all of my 20 years working with computers.

I am not complaining because I am working on something I like a lot. I like to think is cutting edge and cool and I am assuming that is the problem. I do however really want to solve the problem.

Most of the time when I close my Max for Live patch either Max or Live crashes.

My question is...

a) What is the best way to debug my patch. Everything is good until I close the patch and at that point the log is no longer available (I think)? Is it in the Live crash report and if so how in the heck do I use that? Is there another log I can utilize?

b) Is this a question for Ableton or Cycling 74?

Thanks for your help.




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  • salmonito
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    PC 64 bit. If my project has Max4live opening the project crashes Live 50% of the time. It help starting blank project, loading any m4l device then opening the problematic project. This is really unprofessional Ableton how hard it is to catch exceptions? There is no feedback for the crash as well. But the hint is clear from Live, don't use max4live.

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  • tobyto
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    The best way to use Max For live is to put it in its right place : the trash can of your  computer where it belongs to be. I never saw in my life such a joke & I still doesn't understand what are doing Ableton with this real bllsht. No communication, no uptdate, nothing is done in Ableton website when lot of people are having so many crashes with that. Ableton's support team gives you nice feedback, but no solution. I have Live Suite with No max For Live and everrything goes right, but, you know I feel something like cheated...

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  • TheAnt
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    I use M4L and I do not have this happen to me. I have an i7 PC with Windows 7 64bit.

    You don't mention if you have a mac or a PC but either way I think I would deal with the boring stuff first. I think it would be a good idea to unistall completely Ableton and M4L, restart and reinstall using the latest versions. If you are on a PC I would delete the program folders for both after the restart (beofre the reinstall).

    If you are still having the same problem I would try and see if there is any patern to the crash. I am thinking maybe there is a particular object that is causing this issue. Maybe create test patches slowly removing objects, or adding, to see if you can see if an object is causing this issue.


    Then, armed with this info, I think I would go to the Cycling '74 M4L forum:

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  • rich garside
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    Ive been using Bitwig for just over a year now and its like a dream come true. So solid and reliable. I started to build a custom GUI for my Livid CNTRLR in an open source piece of software confusingly called CTRLR. But its a bit buggy and it doesnt have all the features that I need. So i got to the idea of using max for live to do it instead. Its crashing every two fucking seconds. I guess maybe there is something wrong with my patch but seriously can it be that unstable. Live used to crash so much near the end of the project it used to stop me from finishing anything. Bitwig is a breeze its totally solid. Still buggy mind you as its a young piec eof software. But my biggest problem i that Ableton arent implementing any serious music production features. I want more flexible midi automation, better macro mod system and better routing options. I want groups with in groups for fucks sake people have been asking for this for years. Its no longer a serious production tool its becoming more multi media. I think its great that it can interface with a lego robot im thats really cool but it aint gonna finish my fucking track is it!


    2 years ago | 1 comment

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