Best tools for monitoring PC processes while using Ableton Live 9?


I have an Origin EON 15-x laptop with a i7 7700k desktop processor in it.  It is running at stock speed of 4.2 ghz and has 16gb of 2400mhz DDR4 ram and a Samsung 960 EVO 500gb PCIe drive and 1 TB 7200rpm drive.  I'm using a Motu 624 which I'm able to get the latency down in Ableton Live to 4.33 ms RTL at 48k sampling rate and 32 ms buffer with a 64 ms hidden buffer.  

I have a project test file that consists of a Kontakt 4 bar drum track playing as a clip in one track, Massive on track two, a 16 bar pre-recorded rhythm guitar part on track three processed through Guitar Rig and a live input on track four for a live guitar playing through Guitar Rig as well.  It works wonderfully for a while but then crackling starts to come in after a few minutes.  

I have tried monitoring the PC activity while the track plays to try and figure out what causes the sudden crackling.  I've been using Cpuz and HWMonitor_x64 to see if I spot anything but obvious culprits like CPU temperature (the highest it gets is 102F) and disk speed seem fine.

I have read and acted on guides by Ableton, Focusrite, Sweetwater Sound and Black Viper on what to disable and tweak to get optimum audio performance but am at a loss for why a track will play well at first and then later on start crackling.  Can anyone recommend monitor tools and/or processes that they think I should watch most carefully to spot what is affecting performance?


Reinaldo123 10 months ago | 0 comments

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