Behringer X-touch

Is anyone in the Ableton world using a Behringer X-Touch (either model)? I'm interested to see whether it works well with Ableton and could be a contender as a replacement for the BCF-2000 or alternative to the Novation Launchcontrol XL. I'm yet to really see anything on this and keen to know more. If you have one please rate your experience thus far.

It definitely has its advantages over controllers like the Launchcontrol as it sports motorised faders and more buttons to play with.

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  • Kibosh
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    I also didn't find any video where somebody used Ableton with the X-Touch. I want to see how it works with two X-Touch in cascade.

    There are some video's about the X-Touch, but you can't actually see how it works in Ableton itself.

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  • DJMikeB420
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    I would also like to use either the X-Touch or the X-32 with live.

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  • Mikro93
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    Hi everyone,

    I don't own any X-Touch, but they claim to have a Mackie HUI mode. If you select Mackie HUI as a Control Surface and X-Touch as the controller in Live's Prefs, you should be able to control at least volume, pan for each track an transport.

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