Beats slipping out when making a mix

Hey all.
I'm trying to make a mix in Abelton and have encountered a problem that's just doing my head in to no end.

So I've set my master tempo to 150bpm, and have imported some tracks I wanna play.
Once I import the track, I double click on it to bring up the sample visual. I set the warp marker onto the first beat (I have auto warp turned off). I then set the segment BPM to 150. Then line the cued tracks kick up to the previous tracks kick.
This process has worked fine for me for the first 5 tracks. Everything is great and beat matched and I have no complaints.
But when I import the 6th track, following the same process, nothing matches up.
The segment BPM says 150bpm, but when I zoom in I can visually see that its not beat matched.
I went back into the sample visual and tried moving the warp marker around and double checked it was on the first beat. And it is.
I even tried a different track, same problem.
I then decided that maybe track 5 was the issue, so I deleted that, and tried a different track. And now mixing track 5 into track 4 has the same problem. Ctrl+z got track 5 back up, and its beat matched (obviously).
It seems like any track I bring into the mix from this point, stops being beat matched (and I have scoured my library and they all have the same result)

All tracks have been purchased from legitimate websites. No dodgy youtube/vinyl rips, only high quality MP3's.

I don't understand why it was doing what I wanted, and now its not. Help! What am I doing wrong?


FluxDelux 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • neuronaut
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    Is your main buffer set to a factor of 8? hehe... believe it or not, I found a bug when I set my main buffer to 128 or 256 or 512, etc, that the timing is completely screwed!


    Also, make sure you turn off the delay compensation. It's not in prefs, it in one of the main menus.

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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