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I have played on my ultranova a melody and recorded that audio into a track. the project was initially set to default of 120. what i would like to know is when its been converted to a melody by ableton convert melody is the tempo automatically adjusted to the speed at which i was playing the keyboard from the audio file?


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    The short answer is yes. The long answer is below.

    So I think you are a little confused on the subtleties of the program that have come with the updated version.

    I would say that first of all the convert to midi track is much simpler than you might be making it, and that it is very possible to understand how your final BPM will turn out without any math or anything at all really.


    The convert to midi function only takes frequencies that are present in an audio clip an their corresponding time, and creates a subsequent midi clip from the analysis of the constituent audio clip. The frequencies that match the time in the audio clip will match the notes in the midi clip that the function "convert to midi" will attempt to detect.


    The BPM of an audio file does not necessarily have to match the global BPM. What is different about version 9 is that for midi clips and midi files, the BPM will always match the global playback BPM. In previous versions, this created 2 things: #1 the need for warping with audio files that were not exactly on the beat, #2 the need for time signature and BPM changes when midi clips were dropped into the arrangement view.

    This has changed very subtly in that the BPM of a midi clip is no longer relevant.

    The speed of the midi notes in a midi clip is only dictated by the global speed, which is measured in our case, by time signatures (4/4, 3/4, etc.) This means that the midi notes inside of the midi clips cannot be stretched out by changing the clip BPM, instead, you have to change the global BPM.


    These two things mean that it only matters where your notes begin and end in the audio clip that will dictate where your midi notes will be placed into your midi clip.

    So, how I would approach this problem would be to set your audio clip to the length you want it to be, and have each note land where you want them to be placed before you use the convert to midi function. That way, you know that your 2s and 4s line up and you will not have to quantize very much or at all depending on the attack of your instrument and the accuracy of your metronomic abilities.

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