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When I use the repeat button on Beat Repeat, the volume is usually really low.  Check out my setup here:
Basically, I have a main clip running on track "BK1".  Track "BK1+BR" taps into this track and adds the repeat (when I specify it- btw ignore the Utility device- its always off).  Track "blend 1" gets the output of both of those tracks, and then I can play around with deactivating "BK1" or "BK1+BR" depending on what I want to do.
Any help would be very appreciated!


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    You should set the output mode on the beat repeat devices to 'Gate' instead of 'Ins', that way beat repeat will only output the repeats and nothing else. Right now the beat repeat devices output the audio you're putting in there all the time (even when it's not repeating), and then when you let it repeat it 'inserts' the repetition, but mutes the regular input so all in all it's probably only half the volume you want it to be. Hard to explain but anyway, just set the output on the beatrepeats to 'Gate' and then turn them up as loud as you want :)

    By the way: this setup seems needlessly complicated to me, can't you just put the beat repeats on the MK1 track and set the output mode on the beatrepeat devices to 'Mix' instead of 'Ins'? That way it will mix the repeats with the normal signal, and you won't need any additional tracks. Or maybe I'm missing something.



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