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I just purchased a bcr2000 with intent to map the knobs to empty devices so i can make my own sound from scratch. Specifically, I mapped out my knobs to an empty "Analog" device and its fantastic, but when i open another "Analog" device, i do not have any of the mapping from the previous one whatsoever. If anyone can lend some help and tell me how I can simultaneously have my mapping readily available between any one of my sets, please help!!!


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    Live doesn't save midi mappings to new devices.  Automap is your best bet.


    setup the BCR under Control Surfaces

    go to a blank BCR preset, I use #20 because it's out of the way

    hit EDIT and RIGHT ARROW on the BCR and the LED starts to spin (I think those are the buttons, I don't have it with me and it's been a year or two since I did this)

    under Control Surfaces hit the 'dump' button

    Live will now load an automap preset onto the BCR.

    hit SAVE to save the preset onto the BCR

    now when you select a new Analog some of the controls will automap to the BCR.  you can also put the Analog into an Instrument Rack, assign controls to the 8 macros on the instrument rack and automap to the Instrument Rack

    FWIW not all devices have the 'dump' feature.

    hth, not exactly what you're looking for but that's generally how it's done.

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