Basic Sampler question, how to trigger a sample?

I'm new to Ableton and production in general. I have a very basic question. Right now I'm using solely my PC w/ Ableton Suite and no external MIDI interface.

I'm trying to manipulate a vocal sample, from what I gather this is commonly chopped up & done in Sampler?

I cannot figure out how to actually trigger the sample in Sampler. I can do so in a regular audio track, but Sampler seems to be used for chopping things up for effect layering, an I can't figure out how to actually play the sample with Sampler. There doesn't seem to be a Play button or Keyboard hotkey, and as I said I have no MIDI interface. I've dropped my sample into Sampler and see the waveform just fine... but can't play it.

Thanks for any input as I'm a bit confused


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    you can use the computer keyboard as a keyboard. activate this option (keyboard icon) in the upper right corner of the gui. you also need to activate the midi track for receiving notes by activating the button next to the track number. you will notice that every miditrack has a small black circle with 5 pins. it´s activated when it´s highlighted red. if you want to trigger another midi-track, then activate the other track. to playback the sound of a midi-track, there generally need to be notes -> you simply mark a specific part (only the track you want to trigger) in the timeline (arrangement view!!)with your mouse and right click -> create midi track. when there is a red automation line, you need to position the cursor above it -> otherwise the desired function will not appear! then double click on the coloured bar and the "piano roll window" shows up. this is the heart of a miditrack. here you can add notes, manipulate their length... and everything you need to adjust them. just play with it :)

    i absolutely recommend a midi keyboard !!!

    i hope your question is answered. sorry for my poor english ;)


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