Bank Page renaming and empty slot.

Is there someone with max for live knowledge who can help with the following.

In ableton after inserting a plug in, you are able to use certain parameters for modulation. through the configure option in Ableton on the plugin. Every 8 settings will create a new bank page which you can select on push (1/2). what i'd like to do is to be abel to rename the bank pages, to something useful. and to be able to add empty slots. this so you can make a set of tweakable modulation pages categorised by subject. Is this do-able for Max for live? Maschine/Komplete Control already have this sort of system in place. It would be so benefitiual for your workflows, i hope you guys can help finding a solution. I addressed this to ableton. but so far no progress.


Von Sharkel 2 years ago | 0 comments

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