Axiom Pro 49 (White version) - changing Drum Rack pad location

Ok guys,

I've scoured the internet and looked at every video and forum out there for answers but I can't find one specifically for the white Axiom Pro 49 (a lot of the videos out there are for the black Axiom Pro which has a slightly different interface). 

I've hooked my AP 49 up to Ableton perfectly - everything works, including the sliders, knobs, pads, and yes, I have used the pads for Impulse, and it works great.

What the problem is is that in Drum Rack the AP's drum pads are an octave too high, thus they don't trigger anything -- I can't find a way to change this parameter.  Normally there would be a way to lower the MIDI note on the AP to match the MIDI Drum Rack note (I've done this a billion times on my V-Drum brain, for example...hit a v-drum pad and lower the MIDI note on the v-drum brain till it matches the Drum Rack note).

Any help out there would be appreciated.  I guess I could move each Drum Rack instrument up an octave manually but that would take hours upon hours. 



Moo10 1 year ago | 0 comments

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