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Hi all.


I've seen my first question asked a number of times aaages ago with no satisfactory answers... how on earth do I set automation to specific values? Like, saying I'm doing a mix in ableton, I'm using the EQ-Three, and want to automate the value of GainLow from Inf to 0... currently I can't quite get to 0. Holding CTRL to enter fine mode does NOT get me there. I discovered a very helpful response regarding this issue for tempo auto; you can define min / max value which means you can just use the top / bottom of the lane to set your nodes to the correct values. For some reason this has not been implemented in auto for anything else, unless I'm missing something.


My second automation question... I'm finding it incredibly difficult to alter automation nodes once entered. Like, I'll try to move one, and it's moving several; it seems the only way to alter a single node is to delete it and re-enter it. Not loving the lack of accuracy or fiddling around!


I've been writing my music in Cubase for many years now, it has its faults (eg the awful time-stretch algos) but trying to use Ableton to write a track has revealed where it shines. Pretty gutted as currently Live is useless for actual live work (due to a latency which isn't present in Cubase), was seriously considering switching to it for writing because of the amazing timestretch algos and awesome inbuilt plugins... but the automation is an absolute horror-show. Any help would be hugely appreciated!


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  • Near Earth Object
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    The automation thing: as far as i know it works like that on all automated parameters in Live. Setting min/max is useful for that.

    In the case of your EQ: you can manually enter settings in the EQ buttons themself.

    F.i. you want to turn a button to 0dB: click on the db-value under the rotary and enter a value. automation line will then jump to exactly that value: then simply make a node on that automation line and that node will be exactly on the entered value.

    The selection of nodes is quite easy, actually, but you have to make sure you did not select a part of the track you are working on: because Live will then move all nodes within the selected area.


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  • vanKloot
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    This is killing me.  Even in Live 10, it seems you can't do this.  I'm trying to get an automation node to ramp to zero and can't.  Closest I can get is +/- 0.42db.  Setting the value on the device itself is useless because that takes you out of automation mode completely, so you can't click to set a node.  I don't understand why a company that makes computer software would deliberately prevent its users from having the ability to be perfectly accurate, when that's the primary advantage to computers in the first place.  SIGH.

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  • jon_nak1988
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    easiest way around this that i have found is to group an eq3, and assign the low gain to a macro. then click map and change the max ammount to 0. then automate the macro instead of the eq3 directly and it will never go over 0

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