Automation for Arrangement Clips?

Only just catching up on the Live 9 update and wondered a big question for me is , does the clip automation apply to arrangement view clips??

I use Arr view mostly and would love this to the case?

Also I have Live 8 (latest) and bought SAMPLER as an add on. 

My account says if I upgrade to Live 8 SUITE I then can for free move up to Live 9 (suite?)?

Can I just check that SUITE is EVERYTHING inside Ableton? all the ableton insturments, and MAX FOR LIVE plus anything else?  - and this would take me up to Live 9 SUITE too?


Do i get a discount for this upgrade as I already bout SAMPLER?


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    If you bring a Session View Clip that you recorded automation to into the Arrangement the automation is retained. 

    To answer your second question, you can find all the contents of Live 9 Suite listed here:

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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