automating delay type (Repitch/Fade/Jump)

In the ableton delay devices, is there any way to automate the "Repitch/Fade/Jump" parameter which lives in the right-click-on-title-bar menu?

it would be sweet to be able to switch behaviors while the delay buffer is full.



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    It's a bit of a workaround but one idea is...

    1. Duplicate the device so that you have three instances of the same delay.
    2. Assign each of the devices a different type of delay so that you have one delay set to "repitch", another to "fade" and third to "jump"
    3. Group these three devices into an effect rack by selecting all three and hitting (Ctrl + G or Command + G)
    4. Map the "Device On/Device Off" button of all three devices to the first Macro-Knob in the effect rack.
    5. In the "Macro Mappings" window you see while in mapping mode, adjust the minimum and maximum values of each of the three devices so that they each have their own range (say 1-35 for the first delay, 36-70 for the second and 71-127 for the third)
    6. You can now automate the Macro Knob that will change the delay mode depending on which region your automation points are in.


    Like I said, it's a strange work around but I use this method a lot for automating any of Live's parameters that are a little more difficult to control.

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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