Automatically controlling effects parameter with midi clip


I have an effect on an audio track, and I have a midi clip with notes in a midi track. I would like to control the dry/wet parameter of the reverb effect with the notes of the midi trick.

Does anyone have a preferred way of doing this?



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    Hi! I don't think it's possible to automatically control the dry/wet (or any other) parameter with midi notes, but you can go in your midi clip and select the device you want to control a parameter of (in this case Reverb) under Envelopes, beneath that select Dry/wet, draw in the automation curve you want for one note and then simply copy that envelope to each instant a note plays in the clip, it's not that much work. Plus it's more versatile, cause you can also turn up the dry/wet in between notes if you want to, or make the reverb last longer for certain notes etc. Make sure you don't have the dry/wet parameter on the Reverb device itself set to 0% or it won't react to the automation.

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  • Tee Dee
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    Use Max4Live envelope follower (audio effect).

    Create a new midi track

    Put an operator on it, set 1 oscillator to white noise (adjust envelope as necessary)

    Put Max4Live envelope follower on the operator track

    Map the Max4Live envelope follower to the parameter you want to automate

    Record arm the operator track and Boom you can control a parameter by playing a key on your keyboard (MIDI note)

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